A new set of challenges that will replace the previous round

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The players who purchased the Play-In Tournament Moments cards are able to participate in the Season 6: Zero Gravity campaign, and also follow the NBA Playoffs to find out the challenges that lie ahead. Its 99-overall Dark Matter unit is identified as Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young. The three ninety-six-overall Pink Diamond units include New Orleans Pelicans rookie Herbert Jones.

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley and Brooklyn Nets small forward Bruce Brown. After Season 6 started with three Dark Matter units, 2K Games continues to roll out top-tiered players weekly to give its player base numerous opportunities to build their teams and remain competitive, regardless of whether they're free to play or willing to spend some real-life cash.

Players who complete agendas for each game throughout the initial round of the NBA Playoffs can earn Playoff Rewards units from teams that won their first round series. Players are challenged with the responsibility of finishing each Lifetime Agenda Group once each first-round series is over which is safe to suppose that they'll complete them once that second phase of the playoffs begin.

A new set of challenges that will replace the previous round. The response to the four units introduced has been positive, with Young being a favorite player that is sought-after by a large segment of the player base and it appears that they are already thrilled with Season 6's latest spotlight as well as the goals set for NBA 2K23.

Along with the numerous news, Tyron Lue of the Orlando Magic became the latest player revealed to be featured in the Level Up Daily Season 6 Agenda. It is the only gold-tiered player in the tournament. The release of the previous day included the legendary big man Shaquille O'Neal, was a big hit with the fan base.

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