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Natui.com.au is the leading and largest community website for Thai people in Australia, predominantly in Sydney. Our website was established in 2006, with the aim of acting as a medium channel to provide useful information and assisting Thai people in areas such as accommodation, education, lifestyle, and employment. Connecting and uniting the Thai community is our mission.


We have grown a lot since then through word of mouth and by creating a great online experience. The Natui website consolidates plenty of valuable contents and offers a new era of media entertainment channels to all potential target audiences.


Our commitment is to provide a low cost and effective means of online advertising on our very high traffic website and channel, for your advertising solutions, to meet your marketing objectives.



Our audiences identify as a potential niche markets for your business. In 2013, the Natui website had approximately 206,000 visitors and an average of 1,700,000 page impressions per month. 75.67% of our visitors were from across Australia, predominately in Sydney, those who are international overseas students and migrants (mainly business owners) with Thai backgrounds, aged between 16 and 55.


Also, 22.89% of the website’s visitors were from Thailand, and they were seeking information about education, employment opportunities, accommodation and other useful information related to living in Australia, prior to entering the country. This gives your business another opportunity to be exposed to a new potential target market and build brand awareness to those newcomers to Australia.



It is never too late to begin your advertising campaign with us. We offer you a better advertising solution to meet your marketing objectives. As a business owner, you have to treat all marketing activities as investments. You can have superior products/services, with an attractive price, but your potential customers will be unaware of them, unless you inform them and keep reminding them what your new promotions are.



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