The Fallen Prince was accompanied by an undead armies

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The story of blood-elves (sin'dorei in their own language) is worth noting, since only fairly recently have they donned this name in favor of what they used to be known as- the high elves, or Quel'dorei. They are distant cousins of night elves . They've always been known for their affinity for magic and, especially their dependence on it. In the beginning of Warcraft history, high Elves enjoyed a luxurious life in the pristine land, the splendor of which became a legend for the other races of the continent.

In the event that the orcs attacked Azeroth in the First War and dealt a decisive and devastating defeat to the human race (one of World of Warcraft's most significant incidents), the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed as a defense against the threat from the orcs. The high elveswho were due a favor to humans for their help combating the trolls who attacked them earlier, joined hands with the first Alliance. This would prove to be their salvation from the trolls, for it wasn't long until the orcs attacked their homeland of Quel'thalas. In the Second War enacted a heavy burden on everyone who was involved however, the Alliance prevailed, and the elves of the High Elf returned back to their homes to treat their injuries.

In full in the story of the beloved RTS game, Warcraft 3. Arthas Menethil was perhaps the game's most famous and memorable character - had sinned against his own people and pledged that he would serve the Scourge. His intention was to bring back the powerful necromancer, Kel'thuzad, but to do this , he needed the kind of strength that can only be located in the high-elf town of Silvermoon. In particular, he was seeking the Sunwell that contained endless magical energy, which was the lifeblood of the high elf world.

The Fallen Prince was accompanied by an undead armies, with its ranks bolstered by the numerous bodies of Lordearon's citizens, and marched to his prize. Many attempted to stop him including the well-known Warcraft characters Sylvanas Windrunner, but she, just like any other defender, was cut down brutally and thrown into soulless service. The elves in high places pleaded for help however, they were not able to receive help through their allies. Most part of Alliance was either too far away to assist or simply dead. Arthas did nothing less than mass murder, killing nine-tenths of the population of elves in one cruel sweep. In addition, he soiled the Sunwell beyond all recognition, and destroyed the sources of magic and potential for a new future.

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