OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Fremennik Isles Quest

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It is important to know some things prior to you start this quest: In the final boss fight you will receive various potions for strength and two prayer potions with Buy OSRS Gold. These can make the fight easy than normal. But, it is recommended the use of a shield and the yak armour on at all times when you travel towards the east side of the island could be dangerous and fixing bridges could be risky in the most. If you have all the necessary items prior to beginning the quest, it will be relatively quick and you'll likely need only 5-6 decent food items prior to meeting the boss. Be sure to are stocked with RuneScape Gold. You can always purchase it here!

Mawnis Burowgar will then request you to bring him eight logs that have been split. If your Woodcutting Level is higher than 56. Cut the logs and take them to the stump for woodcutting located in the middle of the village to be split. If your Woodcutting level is less than 56. Continue the quest by purchasing the logs that have been split from other players. After that, take the logs to Mawnis and earn another 1.5K coins in exchange for a reward.

To begin the process of repairing the bridges, contact Guard Thakkrad Sigmundson.

Beware: Take plenty of food and good armor, in case you are going to be attacked by high-level Trolls in the next stage.

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