City Massage $600-$800/day

#824703 Alice Liu 2020-10-13 13:46:58 137

We are the No.1 busy massage shop in Sydney, we are a fully lisenced happy ending relaxation Center(no sex), so you work here is very safe and steady.

Our customers and girls are all nice friendly with relaxing happy work enviroment. We are about 10 mins' walk down George street from Central Station. Our business hours 10:00am -8:00pm, you may choose 2-4 days to work, flexible hours, friendly management.

We are looking for Thai girls age 18-39, reliable, responsible and hard working attitude. Massage easy to hearn with free training, easy to get extra tips and bookings if you have good massage skills, here your income is much higher than other massage shops, you usually will make $600-$800 per day. We always protect your privancy, Thai girls may choose Western customers only.

Please contact, Allis 0405 053 493, we will reply you ASAP ~
Thank you ~ ....

City Sydney Australia


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