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Beautiful indoor/ outdoor cafe in Willoughby, easy to get to with bus stop right in front of the cafe.(15 min from city)

looking for
- Chef and
- Cook/Kitchen hand

Chef position is suitable for Chef who want to show of their menu and run a show or Sous Chef who want opportunity to step up in their career.

For Chef
$30-$35 per hour, depend on skill, 40-48 hour per week
- need to have experience in busy cafe as a chef at least 1.5 years or as a Sous chef for at least 2 year.
- need to create a menu for breakfast and launch
- ordering a stock and goods for daily service
- training cook and kitchen hand

For Cook/ Kitchen hand
$20-$27 per hour, depend on skill, 30-35 hour per week.
- need to have experience in busy cafe at least 1 year for preparing dish and some cooking side by side with your chef and some good plating dish.
- know how to do good poach egg and good toasted bread.

apply for job call 045 222 9789
or leave a message
or send resume at email: placerestaurant_jobs@hotmail.com

Willoughby Australia


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