หาคนทำงานโรงงาน แถว Sydenham Station (Full or Part-Time)

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หาคนทำงานโรงงาน แถว Sydenham (ติด Sydenham Station)
สามารถทำได้ 5 วัน เต็มเวลา หรือ 20ชัวโมง ได้ตามกฎหมาย


1. เข้าไปเทส แบบทดสอบ เกี่ยวกับตัวเรา ที่ www.16personalities.com
2. capture หน้า result (ที่เป็น %) แล้วแนบ resume ส่งอีเมล์ไปที่ leo@lanopearl.com.au or export2@lanopearl.com.au

Lanopearl is Australia’s leading skin care and health supplements manufacturing company. Established in 1995, we currently export our products to over 30 countries worldwide. In Australia, our products (Rebirth, Lanopearl, Mt.Retour , Purarose, Life Spring) have been supplied to all duty free store in major airports, souvenir shops, health food & chemist stores.

Factory Staff will involve all phases of factory operations including production, quality, arranging, storing and maintenance.

Factory Supervisor will supervise all phases of factory operations including production, quality, arranging, storing and maintenance. This position works closely with factory personnel and management in order to increase productivity and profitability

Duties and tasks include but are not limited to the following:
Staff Duty
Operating production line equipment
Assembling goods on a production line
Reporting equipment faults to maintenance staff
Monitoring the production process and carrying out quality checks
Storing of raw materials in the factory or warehouse
Packing goods ready for shipment on pallets
Supervisor Duty
1. Able to do all duties of factory staff
1. Ensuring production plans are scheduled and assigned.
2. Establishing priorities, monitoring progress, resolving problems and reporting results of the process flow on shift production summaries and reporting to the management.
3. Selecting, training and developing the skills of team leaders and subordinates;
4. Overseeing the components, production and storing activities
5. Regularly monitoring and adjusting the machineries to ensure quality of product;
6. Maintaining compliance with company policies, safety standards and good house-keeping practices;
7. Cooperating with the sales department to organise the production plan and the stock level;;
8. Improve processes which increase productivity, efficiency, safety and lower production costs.
The successful candidate will have:
1. Be highly motivated with positive energy;
2. Results orientated with a good data analysis and good discipline and responsible action.
3. Demonstrated at least 5 years of experience in a similar role in a relevant industry, skin care industry is an advantage;
3. Strong leadership skills;
4. Experience initiating improvements within plant/operations;
5. Strong computer skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets and use Microsoft Office products to analyse data;
6. Previous experience with and understanding of safety systems and enforcement of safety rules ad policies.

Applicants must have the appropriate entitlement to work in Australia.
This role will be on a full time permanent basis, working 38 hours per week.

$18.29 - $23.00/hr (depending on experience & ability), Superannuation,
Annual Leave & Sick leave

How to Apply

To apply for this position please complete the MBTI test at www.16personalities.com and send the result with percentage showing and submit your resume to leo@lanopearl.com.au and copy to soo@lanopearl.com.au

Please note only short-listed candidates will be responded to in this process.